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Lalique Glass Yellow Ochre Nerita Ring


Lalique Glass Yellow Ochre Nerita Ring

This 90s version of Lalique’s iconic ‘cabochon’ ring created in 1931 is inspired by the natural shell pattern of the mollusc class ‘Nerita’, small marine animals that also name this model. The delicate chiselling of the lines evokes its forms.

Currently, Lalique is considered one of the best brands in the production of glass. The contrast between transparency and glossy achieves the maximum expression in the purity of the glass, creating the so-called ‘Lalique effect’, so recognised today. In this ring model, this effect is easily noticeable.

This ring is made of smokey yellow ochre glass and is slightly glossy. The reflections change colour depending on the lighting at the time. It’s excellently preserved, without visible signs of wear on it. It is laser engraved at the bottom with an inscription that reads ‘Lalique France’.

UK Size J½
US Size 5
Circumference 49.5mm