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Scent Bottle Loveheart Necklace


Scent Bottle Loveheart Necklace

An extraordinary and rather distinctive chunky silver pendant. This pendant, in the shape of a loveheart, takes on the form of a scent bottle, which is hollow to accommodate perfume. It is truly a remarkable piece.

The lid of the scent bottle can be effortlessly twisted off, revealing a small dipper that is conveniently attached to the lid. This dipper is hallmarked, ensuring its authenticity and quality.

To further enhance the functionality of this pendant, an additional silver funnel has been included. This thoughtful addition aids in the process of filling up the scent bottle, making it a practical and convenient accessory.

The pendant itself measures a modest 3cm in length, 4.5cm in width, and 2cm in depth. These dimensions ensure that the pendant is neither too imposing nor too diminutive, striking a perfect balance.

The necklace itself is of a rope style, adding an elegant touch to the overall aesthetic. It measures a respectable 45cm in length, providing a comfortable fit for the wearer.

Both the chain and pendant bear a hallmark, guaranteeing their authenticity and quality. This hallmark serves as a testament to the craftsmanship and attention to detail that has been invested in creating this remarkable piece.

This unusual chunky silver pendant, in the form of a loveheart-shaped scent bottle, is a true marvel. Its intricate design, coupled with its practical features, make it a truly exceptional accessory. The pendant’s measurements, as well as the length of the necklace, have been meticulously considered to ensure a perfect fit. Rest assured, both the chain and pendant are hallmarked, attesting to their authenticity and quality.

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Dimensions 3 × 4.5 × 2 cm