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Original Framed SAILED FROM THE STOCKS Oil Painting by Ryan Mutter


Original Framed SAILED FROM THE STOCKS Oil Painting by Ryan Mutter

The framed painting measures 77cm x 44cm, the painting on its own measures 58cm x 28cm

Ryan Mutter, a talented artist hailing from the vibrant city of Glasgow, has dedicated his artistic prowess to the captivating realm of industrial oil painting. With his masterful brushstrokes and keen eye for detail, Mutter effortlessly brings to life the gritty and awe-inspiring world of industrial landscapes on his canvases.

Drawing inspiration from the bustling streets and towering structures that define the urban landscape, Mutter’s work encapsulates the raw beauty and inherent complexity of industrial settings. Each stroke of his brush meticulously captures the interplay of light and shadow, revealing the intricate textures and nuances that exist within these man-made environments.

Mutter’s artistic journey began at the prestigious Glasgow School of Art, where he honed his skills under the guidance of renowned mentors. It was here that he developed a deep appreciation for the rich history and cultural significance of industrial art, which continues to influence his work to this day.

In his paintings, Mutter skilfully juxtaposes the starkness of cold, hard steel with the warmth and vibrancy of human activity. His compositions often feature towering smokestacks billowing plumes of smoke, creating a sense of both power and fragility. The intricate details of rusted machinery and weathered surfaces evoke a sense of nostalgia, reminding viewers of the passage of time and the inevitable decay that accompanies progress.

Mutter’s work has garnered widespread acclaim and has been exhibited in prestigious galleries across the globe. His ability to capture the essence of industrial landscapes in such a captivating and evocative manner has earned him a dedicated following of art enthusiasts and collectors alike.

With each new painting, Ryan Mutter continues to push the boundaries of his craft, exploring new techniques and perspectives to further elevate his artistry. Through his unique vision and unwavering dedication, Mutter invites viewers to see the beauty in the often overlooked and underappreciated world of industrial settings. His work serves as a powerful reminder of the profound impact that these environments have on our lives, and the inherent artistry that lies within them.

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Dimensions 77 × 44 cm